Advisors delve into practice-enhancing topics at fall conference


One reason experienced financial advisors align with Waddell & Reed is for its supportive environment and wealth of practice-enhancing resources.

But another segment of advisors, those new to the career, choose Waddell & Reed as well. They, too, recognize the value that rich resources and a support-focused culture can provide their young businesses – resources such as the Career Development Conference (CDC).

In early November, a select group of new advisors gathered for CDC in Kansas City, Mo., and delved into topics including developing a sound business plan, developing a marketing plan, using social media and getting a financial planning commitment from clients. Led by home office experts, CDC took advisors on a deep dive into topics essential for building solid practices. The response?

“This [CDC] has been a highlight in my W&R experience. My goal is to use this material and knowledge to greatly improve my business,” said one attendee. Another remarked that “CDC was a week well spent. The information exchange and ideas shared were very valuable. I look forward to implementing many of the things I have learned into my practice.”

CDC gets high marks from advisors because of the value they extract from it. But there’s another reason, too. Camaraderie. At CDC, attendees have a rare opportunity to gather with a relatively small group to network, share ideas, discuss opportunities, and be in the company of colleagues on a similar professional journey. CDC is about knowledge and community.

Whether launching a career as a financial advisor, moving your young practice, or moving an established business, certain attributes you must cling to and others you will compromise. Don’t compromise support.


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