Support for your new practice and beyond.


As a new financial advisor, tap into the support of family, friends and community connections as you launch your business. Simultaneously, Waddell & Reed will offer a supportive environment as you pursue your success today, 10 years from now, and straight through to the twilight of your career.

“I felt overwhelmed thinking about the systems I needed to learn, the products, how to market my practice, and frankly how to build a business.”

Recent college graduate and new financial advisor at Waddell & Reed

“It was a big step going from comfortable yet unhappy to something completely new. I knew I couldn’t have done it without resources and assistance.”

Career changer and new financial advisor at Waddell & Reed

Waddell & Reed offers resources for every phase of your business’s life.

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Make your mark in your community with marketing resources

A strong marketing strategy and accessible, results-oriented tactics can put you and your business on the map in your community. Start building relationships and establishing yourself in a competitive market with access to resources including pre-approved literature, customizable materials, electronic resources, turn-key client/prospecting event packages, and programs that reimburse a portion of your events and activities.

Look to product and sales support teams for answers and insight

Superior service, knowledge and skill come standard with our product and sales support teams. These subject matter experts have been in your shoes, understand your challenges and can anticipate your needs. They provide insight as you build your business and can help you develop an action plan for areas including:

  • Pre-sale consultation
  • Investment product support
  • Practice development
  • Retirement planning
  • Financial planning
  • Advisor technology tools
  • Brokerage services

Manage day-to-day business

Waddell & Reed local leaders and home office staff members make it their first priority to to help you maneuver the more intricate complexities of your job, conquer time-consuming administrative tasks and be as effective as possible. You can expect easy access to knowledgeable experts to discuss your issues and help you arrive at solutions relating to:

  • Compensation
  • Compliance
  • Personal office logistics
  • Human resources
  • Technical support
  • Legal/regulatory
  • Licensing
  • OSJ
  • Transition
  • Marketing
  • Professional development

 Experience the exhilaration that comes with launching a career as a financial advisor.

 Waddell & Reed’s supportive environment extends to financial advisor opportunities across the country. 

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