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Efficient and effective practice operations depend on solid programs, services and products that advance you to your end goal. 


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Get down to business with layers of support

Local resources are layered on top of home office support teams to create a balanced approach to pursuing your success.

Local support
You’ll have access to local Waddell & Reed professionals who know your market – and office in your building, city or region – and serve as first responders in the areas of:

  • Practice development, including assistance developing sales skills, mining new business, building your team, creating a succession plan.
  • Marketing and business development, including assistance in defining your business model, developing marketing plans and strategies, promoting your brand, and coordinating tactical plans for public relations, advertising, sponsorships, outreach and events.
  • Operations and technology support for system set up and training, troubleshooting, using client sales experience tools, and navigating portal and desktop platforms.

Your local professionals are lead by your in-market complex manager who provides guidance through the arc of your practice’s life, from exploration to transition to daily operations to succession.

Home office support

Consult with home office support teams as you manage your day-to-day business. Their expertise can guide you in selecting and using Waddell & Reed’s programs and services, understanding and selecting products and plan types, and mastering the operational aspects of running your business.

  • Advisor Platform Technology
  • Brokerage Services
  • Compliance
  • Field Operations
  • Financial Advisor Sales Team (FAST)
  • Financial Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • IT Service Desk
  • Licensing
  • Marketing
  • OSJ Principal
  • Practice Development
  • Retirement Sales Support
  • Transition


Select from a broad product array

We believe healthy financial journeys launch with the financial plan and are supported with comprehensive product solutions. To keep your clients on course to meet their goals, curate from a broad product array including turn-key financial planning tools, fee-based advisory programs and a depth and breadth of non-advisory investment products.

Financial Planning

Develop client relationships through planning

Since opening our doors in 1937, we’ve maintained a simple, genuine and straightforward approach: know clients well, treat them with respect and measure our success by their success. This approach has its roots in the long-lasting client relationships that emerge through planning.

As an advisor at Waddell & Reed, we equip you with financial planning services that show clients you take their financial futures personally. Our services include:


Identify and prioritize client goals with interactive wealth-management tools and resources to support the full scope of basic and advanced financial planning needs, better identify business opportunities and deliver the type of advisor-led digital financial experience clients expect.

Advanced planning

Work on more complex cases typically found with high-income and high-net-worth clients using state-of-the-art technology and advanced planning expertise. Advanced planning represents a partnership with our home office financial, estate, and business planning team.

Financial wellness program

Serve corporate clients by helping their employees understand and pursue a balance between living responsibly today and planning for tomorrow's financial goals.

The fees that you charge for financial planning services are flexible, determined by you based on:

  • Time spent developing the financial plan
  • Complexity of your clients' financial planning issues and needs
  • Extensiveness of data needed

Investment Solutions

Complement client portfolios with expansive investment solutions

Chose from a breadth and depth of products to make smart, customized recommendations that complement client portfolios.

Mutual funds

Offer clients investment options across all asset classes, sectors and disciplines, with access to thousands of mutual funds from more than 100 fund families.

Advisory programs

Choose from a range of fee-based, asset allocation advisory products that utilize innovative product structures and draw upon the expertise of world-class money managers.

General securities

Recommend general securities from a full range of products including equities, fixed income, options and margin capabilities.

529 college savings plans

Waddell & Reed, Inc. offers selling agreements with a wide range of 529 plans to help clients manage the cost of education.

Retirement solutions

Select from a complete range of individual, employer-sponsored, small-business-owner, nonprofit and government retirement plans from providers that specialize in the retirement plan market.

Insurance and annuities

Waddell & Reed has sales agreements with more than 25 top-rated insurers offering products including fixed and variable annuities, life insurance, long-term care insurance, disability income insurance and health insurance.

Banking and cash solutions

Offer clients a selection of banking and cash solutions – cash management account, donor advised funds, lending and trust services – to complement the financial plan and help manage their financial life.


Get wired with integrated technology

Your practice isn’t one dimensional and your technology shouldn’t be, either. Waddell & Reed wires you with systems that are integrated, intuitive and advisor informed so that you can run and promote your business and provide a first-rate client experience. 

Base technology package

The base package is the foundation of our platform and features components that power the daily work of managing client accounts, preparing financial plans and recommending suitable investments. It comes standard with your affiliation fee. 

A sampling of base technology components are highlighted below. Or, review all components


Identify and prioritize client goals and utilize resources that enable seamless proposal and processing capabilities. eMoney includes interactive wealth-management tools to support basic and advanced financial planning needs, better identify business opportunities and deliver the type of advisor-led digital financial experience that clients expect. For your clients, eMoney provides a digital financial management portal where they can:

  • Establish budgets and manage spending
  • View bank and investment account balances
  • Stay current on credit card activity
  • Determine and monitor their net worth
  • Work closely with you to establish, monitor and update goals
  • Establish alerts regarding changes to their financial life

Learn what eMoney could do for your clients


Pershing's award-winning technology seamlessly links your business, clients and the market. Designed to manage client accounts, deliver first-rate service and develop sales and revenue opportunities, NetX360 allows you to:

  • Customize the look and the feel of the dashboard
  • Look up transactions and money movement for client accounts
  • Obtain daily account position pricing
  • Enter orders online for equity, fixed-income and mutual fund trades
  • Setup and maintain new accounts
  • Setup custom account alerts
  • Access real-time quotes and news
  • Customize reports
  • View client confirms, account statements, documents and tax information
  • Access client accounts


Powered by Albridge Solutions, COMPASS is a dynamic, user-friendly web-based application that allows you to view and report on clients' affiliated and non-affiliated mutual fund accounts, variable annuity account information and Pershing client account holdings and activity. COMPASS gives you online access to critical client portfolio information and enables you to produce and distribute:

Client reports, including performance, asset allocation, holdings, transactions, benchmarking, and cost basis reports that are ideal for use in regular client review meetings.

Advisor reports that enable you to evaluate the productivity of your client relationships, identify opportunities for gathering additional assets, and target specific areas of your business for improvement.


Go to work with access to technology powered by Morningstar, including:

Advisor Workstation

This comprehensive suite of investment planning and research tools features:

  • Research Module, with access to Morningstar’s extensive research databases with more than 200 data points on open-end mutual funds, variable annuity/life sub-accounts, individual stocks, exchange-traded funds and closed-end funds.
  • Hypothetical Illustration Module, which lets you model product performance and create customized historical investment illustrations.
  • Portfolio Builder Module to analyze a client’s risk tolerance and current portfolio allocation, create an appropriate asset allocation plan and present specific product recommendations customized to a client's financial goals and objectives.
Annuity Intelligence System

Make intelligent annuity decisions with access to data for variable, indexed and fixed annuity comparison purposes, including side-by-side comparison of a client’s existing contract and the proposed contract and side-by-side comparison of up to three proposed contracts.

Optional technology package
Add to the effectiveness and strength of your base technology package when you supplement it with optional technology components. Wire your practice with exactly what you want and only what you need to service clients and achieve your best efficiencies.

See a sampling of optional technology components below, or review all components.

Smart Office

This client relationship management tool delivers industry-specific practice management solutions, investment data downloads and integration with other applications. It features:

  • Householding
  • Smartpad to track tasks associated with accounts
  • Advanced contact/household reporting
  • Sets to define a group of clients or prospects
  • Correspondence
  • Calendar

eMoney Analytics

Identify sales opportunities and overall practice management efficiencies with eMoney Analytics' more than 35 reporting tools.

  • View top clients by AUA, assets held away and net worth
  • Get in-depth intel about a client's use of the eMoney client interface
  • Track clients’ fiduciary facts such as assets and liabilities
  • View clients’ top investment holdings
  • Track client insurance policy anniversaries and liabilities

ActiFi Sales Planning and Tracking Tool

Compare revenue and earnings on a monthly basis and track key ratios that provide prescriptive direction for ongoing practice development. With ActiFi you also can track production vs. business plan, practice valuation and simulated production scenarios.

Practice Development

Conquer day-to-day business

Great Practice Solutions (GPS)

The Waddell & Reed Practice Development Program, GPS, is a catalyst to help you reach your goals through a highly customized experience that partners you with the experienced, industry professionals that make up our Practice Development Team. The team offers powerful layers of deep, generalist expertise and specialized areas of focus, equipping you with insight, tools and resources to grow and strengthen your practice. GPS drives you toward your goals by helping you evaluate your business based on six key Business Drivers, each comprised of a set of fundamental elements that uniquely fit together to define a practice.

Girl in GlassesDevelop a succession plan

Creating a succession plan for your practice is equally important as the steps you take to build and grow your practice. It’s a critical business planning step as you consider the life of your practice. Through consultation with Waddell & Reed’s succession planning experts and use of our programs and resources, you will have the knowledge and tools to develop a succession plan that provides peace of mind to you, your colleagues, family and clients.

You also may choose to consult with one of our provider firms for growth and succession planning consultation services.

Waddell & Reed, Inc. is not affiliated with and does not endorse any of the following services.

  • Live Oak Bank offers options for wherever you are in the succession process: acquiring a practice, succeeding in a relatively short time, or prospering over an extended period through a staged succession. 
    Waddell & Reed, Inc. is not a party to any financing transactions between advisors and Live Oak Bank, and inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement of Live Oak Bank or its services. All practice sales involving Waddell & Reed financial advisors are subject to the requirements of the Waddell & Reed Financial Advisor Business Succession Program. 
  • Succession Resource Group can help you value, grow, protect and plan for the transition of your business.

Staff and manage your personnel

To help you manage and maintain administrative tasks, Waddell & Reed has partnered with industry specialists to offer:

  • Human Being Resources, Inc. provides services to assist in your search for quality personnel, including developing job descriptions, narrowing the candidate pool and providing guidance related to the hiring process.
  • Employment Enterprises, Inc. provides human resources services including payroll processing and administration; employee benefits administration; and human resource management, advisory assistance and compliance insurance solutions.

Manage business with resources that boost effectiveness, efficiency.

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